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Nature photography is a third career for me that I couldn’t be more excited about.  The first was solar architecture and construction and the second was managing solar electrification projects in developing countries for a non-profit.  Both were extremely rewarding careers, with some creativity needed, but I’ve always wanted to get back to the excitement and more open creativity I felt in university art and design courses.  At the same time, interacting with the natural world has always been an important and essential part of my life. 


After moving to Hawaii about 20 years ago, I rediscovered my amphibian-like roots by crawling back into the ocean and taking videos of all the new and amazing things I was seeing.  (Which was pretty much everything).  Over the years, my photographic skills and equipment have evolved and now that I’m retired from my last career, it’s time to see if I can share my love of nature photography with others.

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